Sunday, January 30, 2005


Couple of Fridays ago, I was at the gym and noticed that there was a game of volleyball on. I inquired further and found out that it was a typical Friday night pick-up sort of game and that anyone of any level could join. This was GREAT news.

In high school, I played team volleyball everyday. Rain or shine. We had a wonderful group of people who shared the same interest in playing this dynamic team sport. Our ringleader aka coach - our math/ physics/ chemistry teacher JT - was good at the game. I think he still plays the game with students. We learnt to call out our shots "it's mine" or "I got it" or better "leave!" We were a mixed bunch. I was neither tall nor a smasher but a fair player. Playing volleyball in high school didn't seem like a competitive event. It was just a great way to spend the evening PE hour. We had some great players though. One that I remember distinctly is Nagesh who had large, solid hands that enveloped the ball and a high jump that let him smash some real doozers. I think I defended just one of those smashes in all the years I played in high school.
Oh, great memories of those volleyball games. :)

Friday, January 28, 2005

my humble blog

I decided to start this blog because I felt it was a good venue to share my thoughts. For a while now I've been sending out emails to friends about events in the city and also about news and my thoughts to it - as a way to start discussion and engagement with the community at large. I hope this blog will continue that tradition. I welcome comments and feedback.

The name of my blog comes from a quote that my maternal grandfather believed deeply. Here is the quote in entirety...

"Vicissitudes of life suffer us not to be elated by any present position or to admire that felicity which is liable to change. Futurity carries in its bosom various and uncertain events. He therefore, whom Heaven blesses with success to the last is in our estimation, the happiest man. But the happiness of whom who still lives and has the dangers of life to encounter, appears to be no better than that of a champion before the combat is determined."

- Solan in Solan & Creasus