Saturday, April 02, 2005

Middle East history lesson #2

From my friend PD:

"Persian is related to Arabic due to the Islamic/Arabic Invasions of the 7th Century and the Subsequent cultural influence of Islam.

"Arabic as you know is a Semitic Language related to Aramaic the ancient language of the Near East spoken during the time of Christ. Aramaic and Hebrew are sister languages.

"Old Persian, Known as Pahlavi is closely linked to Sanskrit. This is why the links between Iran and India are much older than the Mughals, Much older than Islam. They go back some 4000-5000 years at least. Please keep that in mind.

"After the Islamic-Arab Invasion of the 7th Century, Persian was flooded with new Arabic loan Vocabulary words, to accommodate the New Islamic Religion. These words then were brought to India through Modern Persian, or Farsi, some 500 years later. I hope that you are understanding the timeline, and that the Geographic locations. As you know, the Indian Subcontinent has always been open to invasion from the North West. Before the Brits came from the sea."