Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hokusai - the masterful artist -

I am in DC to get a glimpse of the much-written about cherry blossoms and since I am a couple of days too early for the divine sight, I ventured to the Sackler Gallery to check out the Hokusai exhibit which did not fail to awe and inspire.

Although the image shown here is arguably Hokusai's most easily recognised work titled "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji: Beneath the Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa" from 1830-31, I loved his etching of spring flowers - cherry blossoms - some were pinkish, reddish, and white (I wasn't able to find an image of it). The white flowers were basically indicated only via the pressure of the etching with no paint/ color used at all. This print could only be appreciated in person since the images/ postcards etc of it were could not sufficiently capture the non-paint white flowers. Amazing!

The adjacent image is a work titled "Boy Viewing Mount Fuji" from 1839.

Here's an art review from the NY Times.


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