Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Twelve Word Project

Here's an interesting new project - The Twelve Word Project

"The world will be polled. Twelve words will be chosen to represent humanity. These words will come from the people of earth. Representing any and all walks of life from black to white, rich to homeless any social, political, cultural, sexual, background from any location on earth. All are welcome.

"These twelve words will be thought provoking, eliciting diverse interpretations. We will provide a window into human complexity, while highlighting its core commonality. Shielding the voices of the masses against the constant bombardment of subjective exploitation. Creating a platform to think and speak, for all willing to partake in this worldly discussion."

So, any thoughts about what those twelve words should be? Peace? Technology? AIDS? Hope? Community? Cancer? What will your list be?


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